How to deal with moisture problems in your basement walls.

If you have problems with moisture build-up in your basement, they could bring with them other problems. There may be a constant musty smell in the basement but this is just the least of your problems. Moisture also makes it easier for mold and mildew to grow which can be a real threat to the health of you and your family. These are just some of the fixes for consistent moisture problems in the basement.

Use latex water proofer

Latex water proofing mixes can be found in your local hardware store and should be used to fix small cracks in your wall that is allowing water to make it into the basement. First, clean the crack out with a stiff brush and then dampen the wall. Next, apply the water proofing mix to the crack. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top of the crack and make sure that the whole crack is filled in and sealed. You need to then soak the wall with some water and allow the mix to set in for at least 12 hours. Applying another coat after the first coat has set is highly recommended. These cracks in the wall can often lead to more cracks and may also get bigger themselves requiring more extensive repair. So, get to them before they become a bigger problem.

Use mortar

If you find larger holes in the basement walls, you may need to use some fresh mortar and use it to fill it in. You should start by chiseling a dovetail groove into the area that is cracked and stained from excess moisture. After removing all the debris, use a trowel to fill it in with mortar.

Use concrete sealer

Concrete sealer can be used to waterproof the walls of your house. You can apply a coat or two of sealer to all your walls. The sealer can also be applied to damp walls which makes it easier. Additionally, the sealer can be decorated to match the aesthetics of the rest of the basement.

Use a polyethylene membrane

A polyethylene membrane will prevent water from moving through the walls. You need to measure the area of the all you want to cover before you go out and buy the membrane. However, it does nothing to water which is already in the walls, so you may need to remove this water using a sump pump before you start.

These are some protective measures to keep water out of your walls. If you still have problems with moisture, consult a professional for more thorough solutions.

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