Weatherproofing protects a home from fungi that can cause or aggravate respiratory ailments, and keeps it safe from water-related electrical hazards.

Vinyl siding requires no painting; it only requires power washing once a year to keep it fresh. More than half the existing homes in the U.S. are not insulated to the best level. Let us help you determine if you need insulation. Insulation more than pays for itself providing even temperature distribution, greater comfort, improved acoustics, better moisture control, lower energy bills and a more environmentally friendly home.

We begin the weatherization process by inspecting your home for energy “leaks.” A professionally trained technician will perform an on-site Home Energy Audit using Minneapolis Blower Door and Infrared Camera to identify faulty air sealing areas, insulation needs, and inspect heating and duct systems for safety and efficiency. We will then issue a report indicating which areas of your home are in need of changes or upgrades in order to make it more energy efficient.